Services & Coverages

Our policies can protect you from fire, wind, lightning, hail, theft, vandalism, an ice storm, an earthquake.

Let our agents help you find the right coverages to protect you and your property.

St. Elizabeth Mutual provides coverage for Property and Homeowners with various types of policies.

  • Homeowners
  • Fire, Wind & EC Policies
  • Farm & Home
  • Farm Property
  • Manufactured Home
  • Town Dwelling Owner
  • Town Dwelling Rental
  • Commerical Special
  • Commercial Com I
  • Commercial Com II
  • Commercial Com III
  • Automobile

Several types of billing plans are available for your convenience.

You can choose annual billing, semi-annual or even quarterly billing for paying your premium.  There is a $10 charge of each installment billing on semi-annual and quarterly payment plans.